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Defensive Driving Classes

State-Accredited Defensive Driving School

If you have received a ticket in the State of Texas, please contact Ikkin! We offer fun classes with free lunch.

Classes and Certificate of Completion

Ikkin Defensive Driving School's state-approved classes last for six hours, and are conducted from Monday - Saturday - 9a.m. to 3p.m. Rest assured that we will prepare you thoroughly to pass the test required for you to obtain your Certificate of Completion.  Upon class completion, you will submit the Defensive Driving Certificate of Completion, court paperwork, and any additional fees to the municipal court who approved your ability to take a defensive driving course. Does your insurance company offer discounts for successful completion of a defensive driving course? This can serve as an additional savings.

Contact us today in Dallas, Texas, for an insurance discount or a defensive driving course.

To renew your driving skills, contact Ikkin!
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